Debreceni Javítóintézet
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Statement of Mission

Respecting the young offenders’ human dignity and their juvenile needs, the correctional institution - hand in hand with the child protection service - pursues a compensational and correctional education that aims at complementing the elements absent from the offenders’ earlier lives as well as correcting the faulty relations behind the offences in order to prevent repetition and to enhance social integration.

(Standardizing workshop 2015)

Professional Activity

The juvenile offenders admitted in the correctional institution are insecure, scared and disappointed. They live in  self-designed narrow state of mind from which they hardly find a way out. Upon admittance we meet them them at a final stage. It is our responsibility to give them the attention they lacked in their earlier life.

They have problems we must respond to within the framework of education and punishment. Treatment for  their needs, their occasional psychological distortions is restricted and hardly accessible within the communal and social system. Our responses, therefore, are of decisive importance for their subsequent lives.

To meet the requirements of the various tasks in a correctional intitution is based on a complex system of activities that are founded on educational concepts and pedagogical work: to provide teaching, example, and direction.

The road we have been following is over a century old, yet its mission and ethos has remained unchanged: to re-integrate the juveniles of the institution into the world of norms and standards.

Kálmán Nagy

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